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Calm Strips have become a beloved choice among educators and learners nationwide. Designed to foster a soothing environment conducive to learning, Calm Strips have found their way into institutions ranging from elementary schools to esteemed colleges.

Our Classroom Pack is an ideal option for educators seeking to explore our three most popular textures: Soft Sand, River Rocks, and Patterned Pebbles. This collection now includes ten strips of each texture, providing a total of thirty Calm Strips:

10 Calm Strips (Soft Sand Texture)

10 Calm Strips (River Rocks Texture)

10 Calm Strips (Patterned Pebbles Texture)

Please note that styles may vary based on availability, ensuring you always receive a thoughtfully curated assortment of different styles.

By incorporating Calm Strips into your classroom, you equip students with a versatile tool for relaxation and focus. Whether it’s the gentle sensation of Soft Sand or the grounding effect of River Rocks, each Calm Strip is designed to promote tranquility and enhance the learning experience.

With over 5000 schools nationwide using them, Calm Strips are helping teachers and students alike add a touch of fun and color to their classrooms.

FREE BONUS: The Classroom Pack comes in a super-duper-fancy (not a technical term) canvas pencil pouch. While it lends the product an unmistakable air of academia, it is also a great way to store pencils, pens, quills, and other assorted writing implements once you have distributed the enclosed Calm Strips.

Pencil Pouch color may vary based on availability.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daniel H.
Best Order Ever

All of my students loved the texture of the product.

Love them!

Calm strips are the best! Our students love them! Would love to see some in solid colors for older students!

Joy K.
Great for my Students

My students enjoyed trying out the different textures and choosing which one was best for them. Some students put their calming strips on their phones, water bottles, or Chromebooks.