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Calm Strips are reusable and residue-free textured sensory stickers designed to help regulate restless energy and promote mindfulness. They feature beautiful designs inspired by calming scenes & experiences, mindfulness & breathing activities, or inspirational words & phrases. Calm Strips provide a cool and convenient way to manage sensory needs; whether you're simply touching, scratching, or tracing the textured surface or also utilizing one of our grounding / breathing activities.

  • Soft Sand Texture: Subtle texture with slight grain
  • Five Calm Breathing Shapes per pack
  • Measures 1.5 inches by 3.0 inches
  • Gentle on skin for repetitive use
  • Reusable and residue free
  • Latex and BPA free
  • Water resistant
  • Reusable packaging
  • Informational card included
"A Breath of Liberation" design is in partnership with our friends at Sistas with ADHD, in celebration of Black History & in support of Black Mental Health Communities. A % of sales from this design will be donated to Sistas with ADHD!

About Sistas with ADHD

Sistas with ADHD is an ADHD Awareness Community that celebrates the intersectionality of Black women with ADHD! Their mission is to provide resources, education and empowerment to support diagnosed and undiagnosed sistas on their ADHD journey! Visit and follow for more info:

About The Artists

Torian Timms - Founder of Sistas with ADHD

Torrian Timms is an equity-driven educator, public speaker, podcast host, & ADHD
Advocate based in Dallas, TX. After learning that 1 in 4 women living with ADHD are at risk of suicide, she created Sistas with ADHD as a direct response to the
underrepresentation of communities centered around the minority experience while living with ADHD. She wanted to provide a safe space for Black women and women of color to share their stories, gain education, share resources, and heal themselves through the power of community. Currently, over 8,000 women benefit from the Sistas with ADHD community! Torrian's TED Talk, "Ain't No Shame in My Brain" is a call to action for our society to become more inclusive and de-stigmatize the shame associated with being a neurodivergent brain! WATCH HER TED TALK HERE!

Follow on Instagram: @sistaswithadhd and @torriantimms

Jasmine Austin - Visual Artist & Storyteller

Jasmine Austin likes to think of herself as a "Serial Creative". There are many things that she dabbles in such as, writing, styling, interior design, film production and editing, photography, but here, we'll focus on her Art. As a formally trained artist and art educator, Jasmine has gained an array of skills and experiences. Her mission is to be as active as she possibly can by sharing her gifts with the world while simultaneously giving others the confidence to do the same.

Follow on Instagram: @loveandallthatjas

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